Regent Wall Street Restaurant Expansion

tensile_regent_1 tensile_regent_2 tensile_regent_3

> Client:……….Stamford Tent and Party Rental, Inc.
> Location:……New York, New York
> Statistics:……1,500 sq ft fabric restaurant enclosure, with integrated lighting and heating/cooling systems. Demountable temporary construction for ease of disassembly in winter months.

M/G Architects and the Regent Wall Street Hotel requested our assistance to design a “temporary” structure for this Landmark building. The design in tent was to create and enclosed patio dining area off the Regent’s existing second floor restaurant.
Together with Stamford Tend and Fabric Structures, Inc., A.Form Architecture pc designed an exciting space that utilized views from the second floor terrace, provided full enclosure for the spring and the fall months, while providing...

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