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We specialize in Entertainment and Special Events in New York City and Nationwide.

Our services include: Site Planning, Venue Design, Code Consulting, NYC Government Agencies Coordination + Permitting, 2D + 3D Drafting, Site Surveying, Vendor Equipment Coordination & Site Construction Monitoring.

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A.Form Architecture pc prides itself in maintaining a long list of services which we provide for our clients. On an average project, we see the client through from the conception of the event’s idea to the original planning and all the way through to its final completion, at which point we see to it that all the client’s needs are satisfied.

The following details some of the main services:

Site Planning – We work with the client to create a comprehensive, flowing, and effective layout for the event’s infrastructure that takes into account the occupancy, the venue space, as well as the purpose of the event.

Venue Design – Once the design has been finalized, there are design aspects that need to be considered and constructed. We assist the client in creating a cohesive and sophisticated image for the event.

Code Consulting – A major aspect of our work is assuring the venue observes all local building codes. In making sure all of the architecture work abides by the most conservative codes, we minimize the chance of code failure, an inconvenience for both the local departments reviewing it as well as the client.

NYC Government Agencies Coordination & Permitting – A.Form Architecture pc, having assured that all the building and safety codes are upheld, will then contact the appropriate NYC government agencies to file the event. There are certain permits that the client needs in order for the event to occur. A.Form Architecture pc contacts and procures the appropriate permits for the building and the assembly that take place at the venue.

2D & 3D Drafting – In order for the contractors to construct the venue accurately, we create drawings in Auto-CAD so as to set everything in a similar and appropriate scale. This process facilities consultation with our clients and other vendors.

Site Surveying – In order to appropriately and accurately include all the elements from the site into the event/venue drawing. A.Form Architecture pc visits the site and consults with the client to fully understand the scope of the event as well as the client’s vision. In doing so, we document the whole process with images, notes, and drawings.

Vendor Equipment Coordination – A.Form Architecture pc works closely with the contractors and vendors during the installation process. AFA does so to facilitate the quality of the products and materials used for the site/event. This creates a cohesive understanding of the client’s wants and needs so AFA can deliver the very best.

Site Construction Monitoring – When all the plans for the event have been finalized, A.Form architecture follows the project through to the end, assuring the client that the installation is completed correctly and that any confusion or issues are taken care of promptly.


We are located in Midtown Manhattan at 330 West 42nd Street, Suite 1804 New York, NY 10036. Please Call us at 212-243-6984.