Professional Services

A.Form Event Architects prides itself in maintaining a long list of services which we provide for our clients. On an average project, we see the client through from the conception of the event’s idea to the original planning and all the way through to its final completion, at which point we see to it that all the client’s needs are satisfied.

The following details some of the main services:

Site Planning

We partner with our clients creating a code compliant layout for their event.

Architectural Code Consulting

We work with our clients to make sure their projects are in compliance with New York City building codes.

Structural Engineering Consulting

A Form has the capacity to address your structural engineering needs using our in house structural engineer. We also work closely with affiliate engineering firms retained by the event producers.

Site Consultation

During the event programming stages we consult with our clients to determine the suitability of specific locations.

Site Inspection

When all the plans for the event have been finalized, A.Form Architecture inspects the event site, assuring the client that the installation is completed correctly and that any confusion or issues are taken care of promptly.

Expediting and Permitting

With the aid of our expediting partner, we manage the particular filing and permitting requirements unique to each of the five boroughs and other New York City government agencies.